Our vision is to be a place of welcome for everyone
which seeks to see lives and communities transformed
with Christ at the centre of everything.

Due to the coronavirus we are now not able to open the church but we are meeting online in various ways.

You can join us on Zoom using the images below

We also now stream our Sunday service and Compline through Facebook Live on our Facebook page

Past Sunday services are also available here

Sunday to Friday:
Compline (Night Prayer) at 9pm.

Tues & Thurs:
Thy Kingdom Come Prayer
at 8pm

Wednesday & Friday:
Coffee and Prayer at 11.30am

Simply Jesus Study & Home Group Prayers at 7.30pm

Service at 10am
Day of Prayer through day until Compline at 9pm

Click here for our recent Sunday services on YouTube
Here is our Sunday service from May 24th

The Centre is currently not available for

bookings during the coronavirus restrictions.