Our vision is to be a place of welcome for everyone
which seeks to see lives and communities transformed
with Christ at the centre of everything.

Sadly, due to the new variant of Covid we have decided to close the church building until the situation improves.

We have also regrettably cancelled the Open Door Meal until further notice.

The Centre has also suspended taking bookings.

We continue to meet online in various ways.

You can join us on Zoom using the images below

We also now stream our Sunday service through Facebook Live on our Facebook page with most recent service here.
The sermon can be heard here and viewed here

Week of Jan 25th
Coffee and Prayer on Zoom at 3pm
Compline at 9pm on Zoom & FB
Church NOT open this week
“Faith in a Pandemic” Study on Zoom at 7.30 pm
Compline at 9pm on Zoom & FB
Coffee and Prayer on Zoom at 11am
Compline at 9pm on Zoom & FB
Service at 10am on Zoom & FB

The Centre is currently not available for bookings due to lockdown.