Covid-Secure Open Door Meal (ODM)

We are delighted that we are at last able to host our Open Door Meal again at SJTL and sorry it has taken so long to be able to do this in a Covid-Secure manner with sufficient volunteers guaranteed to enable it to be safe.

The meal will, like everything else at the moment, be different due to Covid.

There will be two sittings with guests admitted at 7pm and 8pm. Any guests unable to be seated at 7pm will be asked to disperse and return at 8pm.

Seating will be socially distanced, two per table, and using 3 different rooms in the Centre to maximize numbers – we should be able to serve 38 guests at each sitting.

Guests at the first sitting will be asked to leave by 7.40pm to allow sufficient time for volunteers to clean rooms for the second sitting.

The food will be as good as usual but will be served differently. The main course, which will be eaten at the tables, will be served in disposable containers, to reduce contact. Cake and fruit and hot drink will be served at the tables to have in the room or to take away.

Takeaway meals will be available for those who prefer not to stay or who cannot get a place at one of the sittings.

Guests will be required to maintain social distancing – including in queuing where volunteers will supervise – and will have to give contact details for track and trace. Temperatures will be checked in the queue by a non-contact thermometer and sanitiser must be used on entry. Exit will be by the back door to maintain a one-way system.

Masks (which will be provided for any guest lacking one) will need to be worn apart from when at the table eating.

The planned dates are October 9th and 23rd, Nov 13th and 27th and then Dec 11th and 18th.

For each of these dates, confirmation or cancellation (if we lack volunteers to run safely or regulations change) will be posted on our website at the start of the ODM week.

We look forward to seeing guests again after such a long break.

If you have any questions or on reading this are interested in volunteering then please contact Andrew at

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