Harvest Sunday – 27th September

On Sunday 27th September we  will have our Harvest Sunday with the opportunity to give gifts at both the morning and evening services.

Please bring food for the Westminster Food Bank and donations for the work of Open Doors among refugees in Iraq.

We are also having a Church Bring & Share Lunch in the SJtL centre from 1pm – please let Selina know what you hope to bring for our meal.


For the Foodbank the advice on what to give is as follows:

Please choose an item from the list to bring to Westminster Foodbank’s collection point.

  • Fruit Juice (Long-life Carton)
  • Vegetables (Tinned)
  • Fruit (Tinned)
  • Sugar (250g or 500g)
  • Milk (UHT or powdered)
  • Tomatoes (Tinned)
  • Rice Pudding (Tinned)
  • Sponge Pudding (Tinned)
  • Instant Mashed Potato
  • Biscuits or snack bars
  • Pasta Sauces (Jar)
  • Soup (Tinned)
  • Meat/Fish (Tinned)
  • Rice/Pasta
  • Jam
  • Pulses (Tinned) e.g. kidney beans, lentils
  • Tea Bags/instant coffee
  • Cereals (not whole-wheat biscuits)
  • Cooking oil (250ml) 

Please check that items are unopened and undamaged and have a BBD at least 3 months away

Thank you for your support!

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