Holy Week 2020 at SJTL

This year Holy Week and Easter are very different from anything we have experienced as we stay at home and numbers falling ill and dying rise. We are planning to have opportunities to meet regularly on Zoom.
We will journey with Christ as he shares in our suffering and dying and by his resurrection defeats their power over us and so gives us courage to face them in his strength.
To join any of these click the image below at the meeting time.


On Palm Sunday we will have our Zoom Sunday service at 10am.
On Easter Sunday we will have a Dawn Zoom Service at 6am as well as our regular 10am Zoom Sunday Service

We also have – as usual in Holy Week – a service on Maundy Thursday evening (at 7.30pm) and Good Friday at noon.

Lis and I also plan to be saying Compline each evening at 9pm (except Maundy Thursday) and hope others will join us.

Tea and Coffee and The Week That Changed the World

We are having more opportunities for tea and coffee together online and combining this with a short time of reflection on the first Holy Week. Peter Walker, a New Testament scholar and friend who is also an expert on the Holy Land has produced a series of short (6-7 minute) talks walking us through Jesus’ last week, his death, and his resurrection.

We are planning to use those after times of tea and coffee during the week and hope to also make them available for you to use personally if you cannot join us. There are 12 in total and a break on Wed & Sat.

We will meet once on Sunday (6pm in the afternoon after our morning service), Monday & Tuesday (11am in the morning), twice (morning and afternoon) on Thursday & Friday and once on Easter Sunday afternoon. We will have chance to catch up over coffee for half an hour before the reflection and possibly stay and chat more afterwards. See the details below.

Palm Sunday
10 am Sunday Service
5.30 pm Meet for Tea
6 pm Jesus Enters Jerusalem
9pm Compline

10.30 am Coffee & Chat
11 am Jesus cleanses the Temple
9pm Compline

Maundy Thursday
10.30 am Coffee & Chat
11 am Jesus shares a meal with his friends & Jesus waits in the Garden of Gethsemane
5.30 pm Tea & Chat
6 pm Jesus stands trial before Caiaphas & Jesus encounters human evil and failure
7.30 pm Maundy Thursday Service

10.30 am Coffee & Chat
11 am Jesus in the nearby village of Bethany
9pm Compline

9pm Compline

Good Friday
10.30 am Coffee & Chat
11 am Jesus stands before Pontius Pilate and Herod Antipas & Jesus is sentenced to death
12 Good Friday Hour at the Cross
5.30 pm Tea & Chat
6 pm Jesus is crucified
9 pm Compline

Holy Saturday
9 pm Compline

Easter Sunday
6 am Dawn Service
10 am Easter Sunday Service
5.30 pm Tea & Chat
6pm Jesus appears to Mary Magdalene & Jesus appears to his followers in the Upper Room
9 pm Compline

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