Reading Exodus Together

Having read through the New Testament last year we’re reading 3 major books of the Old Testament this year – one from the Law (Exodus), one from the prophets (Jeremiah), and one from the Writings (Psalms).

We will read 5 chapters of Exodus a week, so taking 8 weeks and will have a Sunday lunch together to discuss what we’ve read about half way through and at the end.  A full schedule appears below.

To find resources – videos, audios and articles – to give you background click here

You can use the tabs to look at different levels of material.

As a flavour here are a few introductory videos



17th April-23rd April    Ex 1-5

24th April-30th April   Ex 6-10

1st May-7th May            Ex 11-15

8th May-14th May         Ex 16-20

15th May-21st May        Ex 21-25

22nd May-29th May      Ex 26-30

29th May-4th June        Ex 31-35

5th June-11th June       Ex 36-40

And then to Jeremiah…..

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