Reading Jeremiah Together

From June 12th we move from reading a book of the Law (Exodus) to one of the major Old Testament prophets – Jeremiah.

We will again read 5 chapters a week (with just two at the end) over the next 11 weeks until the end of August as we read through the longest book of the Bible (depending on how you count!).  The schedule and timetable is at the end below the videos.  As usual we will try to have some Sunday lunches together to discuss what we’ve been reading.

There are various resources on Jeremiah – videos, audios, articles, guides to commentaries – online if you click here.

Here is a taster with some of the best introductory videos you can find there.  The first two are short introductions to the book from John Goldingay (for his students) and then a slightly longer (but still only 6 mins) overview of the whole book from the great “Bible in Five” series of Blackhawk Church.  Finally two very short videos on two themes of the book.

Enjoy watching and reading!

Reading Plan

12/06/2016 Jer 1-5
19/06/2016 Jer 6-10
26/06/2016 Jer 11-15
03/07/2016 Jer 16-20
10/07/2016 Jer 21-25
17/07/2016 Jer 26-30
24/07/2016 Jer 31-35
31/07/2016 Jer 36-40
07/08/2016 Jer 41-45
14/08/2016 Jer 46-50
21/08/2016 Jer 50-52
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