Reading the Psalms Together

psalms logoFrom the end of August to the end of the year we are reading through the Psalms together.

We will generally read 10 Psalms a week so you could, for example, read one each morning and one each evening during the week and then reflect on all of them over the weekend.  This is not always the case however as we’re also respecting the fact that the book is really 5 books (like the Torah – see first two videos below) and so we are timing the ending of each book to the end of a week.  We’re also taking longer over the longest Psalm – Psalm 119.  A full reading schedule appears at the end of the post.

We will arrange a few Sunday lunches to discuss them as we have done with our earlier studies.

Once again there are a large number of resources – videos, audios, material to read – over on my theology and ethics website.  This page gives you a full listing and if you click on any title it should open up below.  Some of the best material for more detailed study are presentations from people like John Goldingay (a few videos below), Gordon Wenham, Bruce Waltke and Tom Wright and a search by their surnames on the page should show you what material there is from each of them.

A few taster short introductory videos are below

Two very short introductions to Psalms for a course (following study of Job, hence the references to that) by John Goldingay.  There are many other excellent resources by Goldingay on the resources page.

Finally, a longer (20 minute) conversation between Eugene Peterson (translator of The Message and Bono (U2) about the Psalms and their shared love of them.


28/08/2016 Ps 1-10
04/09/2016 Ps 11-20
11/09/2016 Ps 21-30
18/09/2016 Ps 31-41 (end Book 1)
25/09/2016 Ps 42-51
02/10/2016 Ps 52-61
09/10/2016 Ps 62-72 (end Book 2)
16/10/2016 Ps 73-82
23/10/2016 Ps 83-89 (end Book 3)
30/10/2016 Ps 90-99
06/11/2016 Ps 100-106 (end Book 4)
13/11/2016 Ps 107-116
20/11/2016 Ps 117-120
27/11/2016 Ps 121-130
04/12/2016 Ps 131-140
11/12/2016 Ps 141-150
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