Revelation – Introduction to Revelation

Basic Orientation to the Letter

Who wrote the letter?
The author identifies himself in the opening verses as “John” and although some have argued this is a pseudonym most think it is either the apostle John, the “beloved disciple” associated with the gospel and epistles of John, or another John within the early church.

When was it written?

There are two main options for when the book was written – either in the mid to late 60s AD (under Nero) or about 95AD (under Domitian) – with most experts favouring the later date.

Introducing the Book of Revelation – Resources

Biblical Theologians

Ian Paul

Dr Ian Paul introduces the book of Revelation in this 25 minute video which is part of the St John’s Nottingham Timeline project

Here Ian Paul explains apocalyptic language and metaphor

He has written two Grove booklets – How To Read the Book of Revelation and The Ethics of the Book of Revelation – and the links to these also provide links to various resources on the book including an eight week course on the book.

Ian Paul’s blog, Psephizo, also includes a number of articles relating to the book.

Richard Bauckham is a leading expert on the book and he explains his interest in the book in this interview with Ben Witherington

Ben Witherington offers thoughts on a number of issues in Revelation:

Revelation and Apocalypticism

The Beast of Revelation 13

G.K. Beale has written one of the best (and largest!) commentaries on Revelation and speaks about a number of issues in the videos below

The Old Testament as a Key to Understanding the Book of Revelation

The Temple, the Two Witnesses and the Lampstands in Revelation 11

On interpreting the book symbolically not literally

There are also two series of videos in which he discusses The Two Witnesses (Rev 11) and The Third Temple: The Temple and the Church’s Mission (Rev 21)

Tom Wright lectures on  “Revelation and Christian Hope: Political Implications of the Revelation to John”

Joseph L. Mangina author of a recent commentary (Brazos Press) has helpful short pieces on

Seven Things Revelation Is Not

Seven Things Revelation Is


Mark Allan Powell has resources based on his Introducing the New Testament (Baker 2009)

His page on Revelation has various resources for students and teachers including the following PDFs:

Authorship of Revelation

The Date of Revelation: Clues within the Book Itself?

Revelation and Other Johannine Writings

Revelation in the Christian Canon

Prophetic Literature and Apocalyptic Literature

Other Apocalypses

Some Common Features of Apocalypses

Symbolism in Revelation


Millennium, Tribulation, Rapture

Map of Asia Minor and the Churches of Revelation

Revelation in the Revised Common Lectionary

Bibliography: Revelation


Bibledex video on Revelation from University of Nottingham


Introduction, full outline and comments on opening chapter in G.K. Beale’s 2015 shorter commentary from Eerdmans.

Download (PDF, 1.3MB)

Introduction from James L. Resseguie‘s 2009 narrative commentary with Baker

Introduction, full outline and comments on opening verses in J. Scott Duvall‘s 2014 commentary from Baker

Introduction, full outline and comments on opening verses in Peter S. Williamson‘s 2015 commentary from Baker



Biblical Training Website

This website has a number of helpful introductory resources including

Dr Robert Stein‘s New Testament Survey series on

Revelation: Introduction (20 mins, transcript)

Revelation: Key Issues (19 mins, transcript)

Revelation: Chapters 1-12 (32 mins, transcript)

Revelation: Chapters 13-22 (33 mins, transcript)


Dr Craig Blomberg‘s Introduction the New Testament: Romans to Revelation series on

Revelation (Part 1a) (32 mins)

Revelation (Part 1b) (32 mins)

Revelation (Part 1c) (29 mins)

Revelation (Part 2) (55 mins)


Dr Thomas Schreiner‘s New Testament Survey: Acts to Revelation

Revelation (Part 1) (44 mins)

Revelation (Part 2) (11 mins – recording incomplete)

Revelation (Part 3) (43 mins)

Revelation (Part 4) (30 mins)


Dr Bill Mounce‘s New Testament, Its Structure, Content and Theology

Revelation (1 hr 19 mins, Powerpoint)


Dr Robert Mulholland has a 23 lecture course just on Revelation with most lectures having video as well as audio files. The course outline is below and a zip file of the mp3 audios is available.

Download (PDF, 90KB)


Luther Seminary’s Enter the Bible Website

This has resources on Revelation by Craig Koester including




Introductory Issues

Theological Themes

On the right hand side of the page are various further resources including short commentaries on key texts and 5 short videos of Koester on the book as the close of the canon, its imagery, context, authorship and ways of reading it.

The Text This Week Website

This has resources relating to

Revelation as a whole

Specific passages from Revelation



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