Thy Kingdom Come 2020

As in previous years, we are participating in the Thy Kingdom Come initiative from Ascension Day (21st May) to Pentecost (31st May). Here are the main activities we are part of:

24/10 Prayer with London
On Tuesday 26th May and Thursday 28th May we will be doing an extra hour of prayer before Compline (from 8pm) as part of Thy Kingdom Come in the Diocese of London

24/10 Day of Prayer with SJTL
On Sunday 31st May (Pentecost) as part of Thy Kingdom Come we will have a day of prayer. People will have the chance to sign up for hour or half hour slots to pray in their homes. We will start off with our morning service at 10am and finish with Compline at 9pm.
There will be suggestions to help you pray.

Thy Kingdom Come App
If you want to work through Thy Kingdom Come in the time from Ascension Day to Pentecost, you can download the Thy Kingdom Come App on various stores (Apple, Google). This has daily videos, Bible readings, reflections and podcasts from Tom Wright.

Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Journal 
This has poignant reflections, Bible verses, and actions for the 11 days and also features artwork from Charlie Mackesy and can be downloaded here.

Praying the Lord’s Prayer for 5
One of the main aims of Thy Kingdom Come is to pray for 5 friends to come to know Jesus – see this great video from Archbishop Sentamu

I am suggesting that we all try, if we can, to stop each day of Thy Kingdom Come at 12 noon and pray the Lord’s prayer, naming before God at the same time each of our 5 friends who don’t yet know him. And let’s see what he does!

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