How can I become a Friend of St James the Less?

Everyone is welcome to become a friend of St James the Less and they do not have to be part of our congregation.

What do I get for being involved?

Serve on the Friends of SJTL’s committee

Helping ensure this remarkable building is used to the full and preserved for future generations as a functioning church, which people can visit to discover the craftsmanship of high Victorian gothic architecture

Contributing to keeping the church in good decorative working order

Regular newsletters from the Friends Committee, at least biannually

Information on, and participation in, our fundraising

Hands-on involvement in the conservation work where this is possible

Invitation to an annual lecture about St James the Less’ architecture or history, organised by the Friends Committee

How much does it cost?

The annual membership fee is just £10 — you can join on line or by Standing order set up via this form

Can I support the current life & mission of the church?

If you wish, you can, at no extra cost, also become part of Friends of St James the Less in Mission. You will then receive an additional Prayer Letter every six months with news of our current activities as a church serving the parish.

How will the Friends of St James the Less make a difference?

The Friends of SJTL will help conserve, restore, maintain, and improve the fabric, furnishings and fittings of St James the Less, Westminster, in conjunction with the PCC.

As a Friend you will be able to, if elected, serve on the Friends of SJTL Committee, which is a sub-committee of the PCC

The Committee can raise funds, receive grants and donations, collect annual subscriptions and organise fundraising events, including an Annual Lecture, with the aim of:

– Raising the public profile of SJTL

– Helping towards the restoration, preservation and development of the church

The sort of work which the Friends will look to fund initially will be:

The replacement and insulation of the church roof, whilst also restoring and cleaning the Clayton and Bell ceiling (please see on the photo below how the ceiling needs to be brought back to its former glory);

The cleaning of all the internal brick and stonework;

Restore Street’s ironwork;

The lifting and restoring of the tile flooring, installing underfloor heating, thus returning the church to Street’s original plan;

Installing a fire detection and alarm system and CCTV cameras;

Installing lighting and AV system.

Sign me up!

Download the form below and once it is completed please return the top half to SJTL Parish Office and give the bottom half to your bank.

This will set up a Standing Order for your membership of the Friends of St James the Less and enrol you as member.

Friends of St James the Less Form

Download (PDF, 1.45MB)

Friends of St James the Less Terms of Reference

Download (PDF, 331KB)